The Santa Myth: A Symptom of Childism?

We recently arrived at the reception of our Christmas holiday destination where parents were being handed cards for their children to fill out and send to ‘Father Christmas’ a.k.a Santa. The questions asked if the children had been; a) Very good all year, b) Very good most of the year, or c) Just a little bit naughty! Followed by: For Christmas this year I would really love it if I could please, please have: …

I know it’s all supposed to be a bit of fun, with the intention of making the holiday season more exciting and enjoyable for the children and their families. I’m also increasingly aware that beneath the perpetuation of the Father Christmas/Santa Claus Myth lies some disturbing attitudes towards children which are prevalent in our society.

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15 Ways Parents Can Nurture Close Relationships With Their Children And Teens

Relationships take time, mindfulness and commitment and this holds true as we form attachments throughout our lives. At times we can lose sight of how important it is to nurture our relationships; life may get in the way, we may take them for granted or fail to realise that we actively need to invest in them. Due to our own experience of being parented we may not know how to deepen our connections with our children. This may be particularly apparent during the holiday season when parents maybe spending more time with their children than usual and tensions can be highlighted during family get togethers. Here are 15 principles to consider which may help in deepening your relationship with your child.

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