About Me

Hi – I am Emma Forde, welcome to my blog! Emma Marie Forde

I am an unschooling mum with two daughters, aged 9 years and 5 years, who have never been to nursery or school. We live in a small seaside town in Cornwall in the South West of England. I love the lifestyle that unschooling enables us to lead, spending time at home and out and about on adventures with my family, which includes my wonderful husband John.

Before having children I trained as a Clinical Psychologist, getting my doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Plymouth University in the UK. After qualifying I worked with children and families, alongside studying on the Tavistock Infant Observation course – a psychoanalytic based course which focuses on child developmental research and observing children in a range of settings. I decided to take a break from practising as a Clinical Psychologist so that I could raise a family together with my husband John.

Our decision to follow an unschooling path emerged naturally from an attentive and attachment parenting approach.  This has included responsive full term breastfeeding, co-sleeping and baby-wearing our daughters’ which has really helped to facilitate a close connection between us.

I enjoy thinking critically about life, and my interests focus on alternative perspectives to mainstream education (specifically Radical Unschooling), attentive and attachment based parenting, children’s rights and re-thinking mental health issues and critical approaches to psychotherapy.

I have founded the Radical Unschoolers Discussion Group with my husband John Forde, which aims to discuss parenting, unschooling and children’s rights issues from critically reflective perspectives. You can also stay up to date with unschooling info and articles on our Facebook Page Radical Unshoolers Research and Resources and on our website Radicalunschoolers.uk.