Disney and Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman Creatively Inspiring Children

I recently reviewed ‘Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined‘ by Dr Scott Barry Kaufman, psychologist and researcher of creativity. I really enjoyed reading the book and chatting with Pam Laricchia, author and unschooling advocate in her Exploring Unschooling Podcast.

Problems with Labelling

So I was excited to discover a quirky and inspiring video Kaufman has made in collaboration with Disney. In it Kaufman shares the problems he experienced when he was labelled with a learning disability as a child. Kaufman was placed in Special Ed and suffered as a result of being limited by an inflexible education system and a learning disability label which negatively coloured the perceptions of those around him.

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15 Ways Parents Can Nurture Close Relationships With Their Children And Teens

Relationships take time, mindfulness and commitment and this holds true as we form attachments throughout our lives. At times we can lose sight of how important it is to nurture our relationships; life may get in the way, we may take them for granted or fail to realise that we actively need to invest in them. Due to our own experience of being parented we may not know how to deepen our connections with our children. This may be particularly apparent during the holiday season when parents maybe spending more time with their children than usual and tensions can be highlighted during family get togethers. Here are 15 principles to consider which may help in deepening your relationship with your child.

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The Benefits Of Playing With Our Children

I am an unschooling mum to two daughters  aged 9 years and 5 years. They both  love to play; playing with them is something that I have chosen to prioritise because I see how much they thrive when we play, although it is something that I have not always found easy. Playing with children is not something that always comes naturally to adults (depending on their experience) but it is possible to learn and I hope to explain here why I think it is important.

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