Disney and Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman Creatively Inspiring Children

I recently reviewed ‘Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined‘ by Dr Scott Barry Kaufman, psychologist and researcher of creativity. I really enjoyed reading the book and chatting with Pam Laricchia, author and unschooling advocate in her Exploring Unschooling Podcast.

Problems with Labelling

So I was excited to discover a quirky and inspiring video Kaufman has made in collaboration with Disney. In it Kaufman shares the problems he experienced when he was labelled with a learning disability as a child. Kaufman was placed in Special Ed and suffered as a result of being limited by an inflexible education system and a learning disability label which negatively coloured the perceptions of those around him.

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‘Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined’ by Dr. Scott Kaufman – Book Review

Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD is a Cognitive Psychologist, Researcher and Author who has focused his work on redefining how we think about intelligence and creativity. In ‘Ungifted’ Kaufman shares his own personal story of being diagnosed as learning disabled as a child and recounts the limitations and restrictions that he faced as a result of this labelling process, how he resisted it and moved beyond it. ‘Ungifted’ is impressive because it combines Kaufman’s inspirational first person narrative account with an indepth critical and reflexive analysis of the relevant theory and research, its implications for practice and of course its relevance to our everyday lives!

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The Santa Myth: A Symptom of Childism?

We recently arrived at the reception of our Christmas holiday destination where parents were being handed cards for their children to fill out and send to ‘Father Christmas’ a.k.a Santa. The questions asked if the children had been; a) Very good all year, b) Very good most of the year, or c) Just a little bit naughty! Followed by: For Christmas this year I would really love it if I could please, please have: …

I know it’s all supposed to be a bit of fun, with the intention of making the holiday season more exciting and enjoyable for the children and their families. I’m also increasingly aware that beneath the perpetuation of the Father Christmas/Santa Claus Myth lies some disturbing attitudes towards children which are prevalent in our society.

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Sandra Dodd’s UK Visit 2016

I wanted to share my experience of Sandra Dodd’s recent visit to the UK. Sandra is an author and unschooling advocate with 3 grown children who lives in Albuquerque, USA. Sandra originally trained and worked as a teacher during the 1970s, a time when educational reformers such as John Holt were prominent and the ideas of the open classroom were being implemented in some schools in the USA.

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What is Unschooling?

“Unschooling”, a term originally coined by John Holt in the 1970s, is a form of home education (2). It can mean different things to different people but generally it denotes a form of natural learning that is not associated with any methods of formal teaching or assessment at school or at home. It is an approach to learning and to life which follows the child’s natural curiosity and interests. The parent plays a key role in actively partnering the child and facilitating learning through their interests and engagement with the world.

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